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Minggu, 15 September 2013

DIfferent Style of White Vintage Glamour Wedding Dress

Now we are in the modern world, but some people still like something classic. There are also no exception woman who likes classic theme for their precious moments. Special for their wedding there are some who like vintage wedding dress.

Every era has its own characteristics and each era is different styles. 20s era different from the era of 30s or 40s, but because we live in an age now we can take advantage of wedding dress combines all the characteristics to get no satisfaction in getting others while wearing a wedding dress in your wedding ceremony.

Wedding dress 40s is filled with wars so the style of dress was also influenced by the military issues, 30s the fashion is always about elegance and glamour , and 20s  the wedding dress tends to be low waists and high hemlines. If we combine all charactersitic of wedding dress in one style , we can get a vintage glamour wedding dress which very cool for us in our wedding ceremony.

Must you remember , keep in mind you also have to make some changes to your partner's clothes, because it would be seen the match when making changes to the vintage style. You and your spouse will looks beautifull and handsome your are in a sacred marriage.


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